Custom Decks

If your kayak is not listed in the menus or you have a custom seat position you need to follow the instructions below and send us a pattern so we can build a spraydeck that suits your boat and paddle position.  Custom Decks can take up to 3 weeks to build.

For a kayak not in our list or a custom seat position

1. Get in your boat and find and mark the centre of your body.  This gives us an idea of the tube placement



2.Trace the outer coaming edge and mark the following points

  • body centre - left and right
  • centre front
  • centre back
  • Seat position - the back of your seat is fine

To make sure you get a good tracing secure the plastic in place, we suggest a bungey cord or long piece of elastic, pull it tight and pull the plastic so it is flat across the kayak.

3. Post us the pattern (P O Box 620 Cockatoo   VIC   3781) and tell us in the comments section of your order that you have sent us the pattern.

4. An alternative for the custom seat position - (only if we have your deck in the list)  is to get someone (not you) to measure

  • from the front edge of the cockpit to your waist
  • from the rear edge of the cockpit to the centre of your back
  • from the rear edge of the cockpit to the centre line of your body
  • your waist measurement
  • place these measurements in the comments section of the order

5. Click here to go to the order form for a custom deck so we know your tube size, cord and type of deck etc to make for you.

Please note that while we try our best, a custom deck may need to come back for adjustments, we are happy to work with you to get the deck right but without having the kayak here to test the deck on we cannot guarantee a perfect fit on the kayak the first time.


Any questions call us on 0488 392837 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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